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Computing - Ms Bellwood


What is the Big Idea @ Balliol?


ICT is both highly functional and creative.  It should be exciting and encourage pupils to take risks and try new approaches.  However, it also needs to be methodical and logical.  It is highly motivational and ever changing which we embrace at Balliol.


ICT in a Nutshell

ICT still has a role to play as a functional support across the curriculum.  Therefore it can be used to research, record, analyse and review learning in every subject.  The new National Curriculum demands more discrete teaching of ICT. 


At Balliol, children learn the key skills required to become programmers and electronic engineers.  They learn about the logic and pattern of coding and how to solve interesting and stimulating problems through use of IT.  They learn about control technology, both on screen through coding and through programming models such as Lego Mindstorm.  We have recently rebuilt our Computer Suite and purchased Ipads to ensure that we are practically equipped to meet the requirements of this challenging but exciting subject.