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English - Mrs Whitehead

At Balliol Primary School, Reading is prioritised as a key tool for life.  We believe that a love of and an ability to Read is a key indicator of success in the future.  We understand that if pupils are not able to read to an age-appropriate level and fluency, they will be incapable of accessing the rest of the curriculum, and they will fall rapidly behind their peers.  Therefore, we are determined that every pupil will learn to read competently and fluently.  In addition, we believe that the pupils of Balliol Primary School have a right to read engaging texts anywhere, anytime. 


We believe that success in writing is partly determined by your experience of reading.  A child who has heard many stories and is familiar with a wide range of conventions in different text types will be able to draw on them in their own writing.  We aim to provide a wide range of high-quality model texts and a rich vocabulary, that pupils can accurately apply and creatively innovate from.  Furthermore, we aim to provide frequent, purposeful and varied opportunities to write across the curriculum, enabling the children to make judgements concerning the tone, style, format and vocabulary appropriate to the audience.