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Home Learning

Our aim is to have as many children learning in school as possible.  Sometimes, they may need to learn from home.  Use this guide to find answers to your questions about home learning this academic year.  If you have any questions, please e-mail them to or telephone the school office on 01918142500 and ask for a call back from your child's teacher.


When should a child be provided with learning to do at home?

  1.  When a child has tested positive, following a PCR, for Covid and is asymptomatic, they should be provided with work equivalent to the core teaching pupils would receive in school.
  2. When PHE have advised full or partial school closure (see outbreak management plan)

Note:  When a child is awaiting PCR results, there is no expectation to provide remote learning.


Who will provide the work for the children to do?

The child’s class teacher.  Where the class teacher is unable to provide work, the Head Teacher will distribute the planning and distribution of the work to teaching team (including HLTA).


How will a teacher find out if they need to provide remote learning for a child in their class?

The school business manager will inform the class teacher as soon as possible.


How soon after the start of absence will work be sent to the child?

Work will be provided to start on the second day of absence.  Time will be given to class teachers to prepare the additional and work.

How will children receive the work?

Work will set on SeeSaw and every child has been given a login.

If a child is without a reading book, one will be given to a family member or dropped off at the family home by a member of staff.

Name cards will be given to family members or dropped off at home with any required stationary.


What will the child receive?


Early Years

(Up to 3 hours a day)

  • Phonics via the RWI portal (link to be distributed by class teachers)
  • Name card
  • At least one independent activity
  • A recorded story


Key Stage 1

(Minimum 3 hours a day)

  • Phonics via the RWI portal (link to be distributed by class teachers)
  • At least one independent activity
  • Writing or maths activity every day
  • Reading activity
  • A recorded story


Key Stage 2

(Minimum 4 hours a day)



  • Reading, writing and math activity every day
  • At least one foundation subject every day
  • A recorded story




What curriculum coverage is expected of home learning?

As far as possible, remote learning will mirror what is being taught in school.

Remote learning will include opportunities for physical exercise and well-being opportunities in recognition of the potential impact of Covid on children’s emotional well-being.


What if the child needs resources at home?

If parents / carers are unable to collect resources, school staff will deliver the resources, including technology.


How will the work be assessed?

Parents will be asked to return work to school, either by e-mail or on return to school.  Staff will assess the work and use assessment to feed in to planning.


How will the remote learning offer be monitored?

Periodically, the SLT will ask for sight of the work being given before it is given to children and feedback will be provided before it is sent out.  SLT will ask for sight of the returned work and the relevant adaptations to planning.


How will we know if your child is OK?

At least one welfare call will be made to the child in a 10 day isolation period.  Return calls should be made if there are concerns and concerns should be raised with DSLs in the normal way.


Links to class home learning pages

Organising your time during isolation

Whilst the government expectation is that your children are completing the home learning set through SeeSaw, if you prefer to keep your children extra busy there are lots of ideas and materials on our website to keep them organised and learning whilst in isolation. 

Useful Websites

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Corona Virus and its effects on our daily lives is a difficult concept for young children to understand. Please find below a story book and an activity that supports you to tackle misinformation and help children understand about Corona virus.
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