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Free access to Commando Joe's Parent Portal for all Balliol families!

Dear parents and carers, 

We are very pleased to inform you that through our partnership with Commando Joe’s Character Education, we are now able to offer free membership to Commando Joe’s parent portal so that children can complete top secret missions when away from school. 

The Commando Joe values are aligned with our school values and by using the parent portal you can help your child continue to develop these values and integrate them into their daily life, even during lockdown! The programme: 

  • Provides behaviour support 

  • Develops mental and physical resilience 

  • Improves life skills 

  • Fun for all the family 

  • Encourages everyone to get active 

  • Rewards chart and digital badges 

  • A new top secret mission every week! 

“Our missions won’t just keep them entertained for hours. They are designed to help your children develop key skills that will not only support positive behaviours but help every child grow in confidence through play with family and friends. Develop Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork, along with mental and physical wellbeing that will benefit the whole family.” Children can complete a mission (parents decide) to earn points for their scoreboard. Once they earn 12 points they move to the Top-Secret reward chart and earn digital badges.  

Collect as many digital badges as possible and help your child build their character and use the portal as a reward system to help with positive behaviours.  

Please use instructions and individual code sent to you today via email to claim your free subscription to the Parent Portal. 

We hope that you enjoy using the parent portal and that you and your children can have fun as well as support their positive behaviour growth. 

Kind regards 

Mrs Judith Driver