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Science - Mrs Jarvis


Science at Balliol Primary forms a key part of our curriculum and aims to ignite and excite our children’s curiosity in the world around them; and understand the importance of scientific discoveries in their lives, in the past and in the future. As our children progress through school, they will acquire scientific knowledge, understanding and concepts through discovery and be able to apply this to a range of contexts. Working scientifically is at the heart of our science curriculum – our children will develop the skills to be confident scientists in order to aid their discoveries and develop team work, problem solving and resilience. Our ambitious science curriculum is accessible to all pupils through careful ongoing scaffolding and adaptations. We aim to build our children’s science capital in order to give them a life-long curiosity of science in their lives, the local community and wider world, and be aware of the opportunities open to them in the future. Science and technology drive economic growth and a strong education is essential to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. This allows our pupils to leave Balliol Primary as confident scientists who possess an excellent knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and robust working scientifically skills. This way, children are driven to think about their futures and how they can help to shape their world.