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Writing curriculum

Progression document:

Our Key Stage 1 curriculum is rooted in basic skills so that all learners can access the broader Key Stage 2 curriculum.  Our English progression document ensures that our English curriculum is well planned and sequenced so that knowledge and skills are built upon in each year group and children achieve challenging end points. 

Writing genres progression document:

This guidance shows the progression of features to be covered in each year groups toolkits for fiction and non-fiction genres.  Staff use this guidance to select from and adapt, according to the needs of their pupils and particular texts that have been chosen for each unit.  Each year group's teacher will incorporate the work covered in the previous year to ensure that it is continuously used to build children's active repertoire of writer's tools over time.  These are tools and not rules, meaning that pupils understand that these tools represent choices for creating effects and the appropriateness of any of these to a piece of writing must be judged on whether or not it has the intended effect on the reader, not on whether it is present in a piece of writing.