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Ideas for well-being and family time

A Message from Jane – The School Nurse

At the moment we know that many of our children are going to have an extended Easter break because of Covid-19 but none of us know exactly how long it’s going to be.

Whilst adults are all worried about the future and how this will change us as a country it’s important that our children are kept safe from grown up conversations and information that may frighten them.

Children listen to much more than we think, and they will ask you questions. When this happens its ok to say you don’t know all the answers, but you will keep them safe and protect them as much as you can. It’s important you don’t lie or tell them everything will be ok because that tells them their feelings aren’t valid and will make them more worried.

Mental Health is a huge issue for children, and we don’t know how the current changes and uncertainty will affect this. However, there are things you can do to support your child as much as possible. And at the same time you’re setting a good example to them about staying calm and being realistic.

As well as the information we are getting daily from the government it’s important we look after our own wellbeing. Avoiding the news and constant social media is a good idea. – We all know a huge percentage of it is not helpful. Maybe make a time each day that you look at the news and for a set number of minutes then turn it off.

Keeping busy – lots of chores and activities around the house. Making lists of things to do then ticking them off as you go. Games are a great way of distracting children either board games or challenges like the cereal box game

Or how about a treasure hunt or a quiz?

Maybe play with some of the toys they got for Christmas but haven’t bothered with since. Or make a tower of toilet rolls if you’ve bought far too many. Read a book or colour with them. Or make up a story together.

This is the ideal moment for quality time. We want our children to look back on this with some positive experiences.

Potty train, teach times tables, do a daily challenge as a family, couch to 5k, make posters or craft projects, bake, dance, establish a routine. These are all things that will make the whole family feel less obsessed with the news and more involved with each other.

I hope when this virus is all over, we look back on some lovely family time and all the positives that brings. I think as grownups that’s the best example we can set just now.

Best Wishes – Jane